Fitness training

Achieve your fitness goals, with a routine that is shaped to work for you.

Fitness training

Achieve your fitness goals, with a routine that is shaped to work for you.

Primal personal training

Whether you want to lose weight, build up your confidence, regain your full range of mobility or prepare for a specific sport or event, our personal training will guide you every step of the way to reach your optimal goal.

We will work with you throughout each one to one session, teaching you new skills, improving your techniques, motivating and encouraging you during the tougher times. Your training programme and progress will be logged directly into our private online members area, making it easier for you to follow your new routine and for us to monitor your progress.

To enhance your personal training experience and maximise your time, we can deliver your training session in the comfort of your own home, in a gym or in the local park at a time to suit you each week. Sessions last 50 minutes, are tailor made for you and are all tracked on our online members area allowing you to confidently reach your goals.

With Essential and Advanced personal training plans available, why not get in touch for a free consultation?

From £170/month

Kick start programme

This four week intensive programme will help you get back in control of your health, by creating new positive habits for a lifetime.

Working with your own personal trainer, nutritionist and our wider team of experts if required, we will develop a unique fitness and nutrition plan for you. We'll work with you to achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals in the most effective and efficient way: resistance training, cardio and natural movement based exercises, we'll be alongside you the whole way keeping you on track.

Our kick start programme team will look at all the aspects of your life: food, training, stress, sleep and socialising. Also, our online tracker will help you visualise where you are in relation to your goals and allow you to receive additional daily online support from your coaches to help you stay motivated and on-track.

Our team will make sure that you feel comfortable, developing trust that your most precious assets – your body and mind – will be looked after equally.

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Online personal training

Online personal training is tailor made for those with busy professional lives, who travel a lot or work shifts. Enjoy the benefits of personal training, still achieving your goals through individual coaching and guidance, keeping you up to date with the best training programmess to suit your requirements.

After an initial consultation online or in person, establishing your diet, lifestyle and goals, we then put together a tailored programme to suit your lifestyle. This service offers ongoing support, adjusting your fitness and nutrition goals each month and guiding you through your new fitness programme. Track your progress and access our training through logging in directly into our own private online members area.

From £50 per month

Ludo's running club

Why not sign up for our next 10 week running club programme to help build up your cardiovascular and running fitness? Whether you're training for an event or just want to improve your running technique, this club is accessible for everyone no matter what their running ability. The club offers a mix of outdoor circuit training and running. The circuits focus on balance and core stability, building up muscle endurance. We build up the distance and duration each week till we hit the 4-5 mile mark.

Throughout the programme, you'll have full access to our members area where you'll get home training plans, home running plans, access to our online exercise library , in addition you'll be added to our private runners group where you'll be able to ask questions and receiving tips about training/diet and recovery.

From £65 only!